A Thing in the World 

– a TOVES production curated
by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

Four Boxes
Krabbesholm Allé 15
DK – 7800 Skive

Opening 10/04/2015 20pm
11/04/2015 – 25/04/2015

open Sundays 13-17pm and by appointment
+4529939231 / fourboxes@krabbesholm.dk


TOVES @ Astrup Fearnley in Oslo

TOVES will present a documentary video about Janus Høm, one of the members of TOVES, who is producing a solo exhibition at 1857, at the Astrup–Fearnley Museum in Oslo.

More info at 1857.no.


Sans Souci

20.09.14 at 20:00

TOVES invites you to celebrate the finissage of the exhibition CUCUMBER BONES as Hannah Heilmann adds a meter to the boner with a small screening soiree: SANS SOUCI.

The internet has brought with it a wave of tentacle and monster sex, often associated with rape fantasies. SANS SOUCI asks if perhaps sex with the Other could, and has been, a place for less boring power exchanges, and presents a band of strange video bedfellows with live commentary and reading, including a special text for the occasion by Pernille Abd-El Dayem.

Please join us for this last chance to see CUCUMBER BONES, for classical and unclassical intercourses, and a death erection.

Beer, popcorn and and servings of swine in milk in the bar.

Program begins roughly 20:15, surprise feature film 21:00


Summer Break

TOVES is closed during the summer. See you again in August.


WEDNESDAY CLOSED due to biker funeral procession – finnisage saturday is still on – software package release postponed

Dear Everyone

Due to the recent loss of a member of their biker gang, Hells Angels will be conducting a funeral procession from our address in the coming days. We have chosen to close our exhibition Wednesday and instead hope to see you for a finnisage Saturday 29th 12-16pm for cheese pops and soft drinks. The announced soft-ware release will be postponed – updates on the future release will be sent out in due time.



New TOVES space opening on Amager

Toves Galleri is opening a new space at Siljangade 8 – Amager, and changes name to TOVES.

We will continue to develop the format of the curated group and solo exhibitions, experiment with co-production, and carry out external exhibition projects, in the effort of renewing the organization of the production and exhibition of art.

Recently Uffe Isolotto and founder Pind has left the TOVES group, devoting themselves to other activities. We wish them the best of luck in the future, and thank them for a truly inspiring collaboration.

In the meantime we have invited three new members to join the group, and are very excited to welcome the artists Owen Amour, Nanna Abell and Janus Høm.


To celebrate the opening of our new space TOVES throws a launch party after the opening of our inaugural exhibition, Modern Dowry by Sol Calero (VE) and Christopher Kline (U.S.), with burning oil barrels, drinks, parisertoast and music!
Come celebrate with us!

October 4th
Opening: 17-20 pm
Party: 20-01 pm
Siljangade 8, 2300 Copenhagen S


TOVES artist in residence – Elizabeth McTernan

We are happy to announce that Elizabeth McTernan currently is artist-in-residence at Toves with the kind support of the Danish Arts Council DIVA Grant. Having already stayed and researched in Copenhagen since May 1, the coming week begins with an artist talk Tuesday in the home of Honza Hoeck, and a performance later this week at the Karen Blixen Museum – see below.

American artist Elizabeth McTernan currently lives and works in Berlin. Her work deals with analogue distances, and matters of conceptual presence and non-presence.


19:00, 25 June 2013
Møgeltøndergade 8, 4. sal (Hoeck)

Elizabeth McTernan will present past and current projects over wine and snacks.


15:30, 27 June 2013
Karen Blixen Museet

Weaving themes of fluid identities, landless lands and radical slowness, the artist will present a storytelling event that integrates true tales of the past with real-time planetary encounters. Protagonists include but are not limited to: singing sands, cars that go nowhere fast, future oceans, volcanoes, love dogs, a griffin, the most perfect skipping stones, and our restless magnetic north.


July 2013
a nameless island

According to Lewis Fry Richardson’s coastline paradox, one could wind a ruler around every single pebble and grain of sand on an island’s perimeter so thoroughly that its seemingly finite length could actually unfurl into infinity. Our small, isolated world could, in fact, go on forever. With the support of Funen Art Academy, the artist will make onsite measurements of a single island – in particular, a nameless island north of Funen that recently emerged from the sea and may disappear again – framing paradoxes of empiricism and imperialism. The measurement of a landscape can only ever approach our desire to grasp its absolute magnitude. Often, the more exacting we are, the further we drift from true knowing.

an evening of mathematics and art in dialogue

19:00, 21 July 2013
University of Copenhagen

The Center for Symmetry and Deformation at the University of Copenhagen presents an evening of ideas and discussion at the interface of art and mathematics. Starting from such established traditions of inquiry and practice, how might interdisciplinary collaboration proceed? How can we honor the internal richness and depth of both mathematics and art, while moving beyond and integrating the two into something greater than the sum of its parts?


21.-22. September 2013
locations throughout the city of Copenhagen, to be announced

A culmination of work completed during the Danish International Visiting artist residency hosted by Toves Galleri, the Statens Værksteder for Kunst residency, and with support from Karen Blixen Museet, Funen Art Academy, and the Københavns Kommune grant. This exhibition will stretch along a geometric guideline spanning the city of Copenhagen. Pieces will be presented in multiple private and public locations that will be navigated as a walking tour, an event of radical slowness in the face of mental asphaltation. This tour will take place during the autumnal equinox, when the earth is standing up to the sun. The exhibition not only occupies rooms: it occupies the streets, the air currents, the ocean floor, and the solar system itself. Its infinity is delegated to space and public imagination.



Kunsthal Charlottenborg will temporarily house Toves Galleri, which for the occasion will change its name to Toves Salon – Charlottenborg Temporary Exhibition Space.

Between March 9th and May 26th 2013 three different shows will be presented:

Swedish Painting Now
09.03. – 31.03.
Henrik Eriksson (SE) & Magni Borgehed (SE)

Running Lemon
06.04. – 26.04.
Nils Viga Hausken (NO/DK)

Ghostbusters – or how to stress photography
02.05. – 26.05.
Christoph Keller (DE), Bruno Di Lecce (IT), William Basinski (US), Jacob Jessen (DK), Fiete Stolte (DE), Roberto Pugliese (IT), Marie Kølbæk Iversen (DK)
Curated by Eleonora Farina