Carl Palm & Sebastian Rozenberg


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Friday, 9 May, 19.00 - 22.00

A PARRILLA in the honor of comedy obviously overcoming tragedy, bring us your sweet returns, opposite of a tier 4 facility in Copenhagen, in the outdoors spa area of TOVES, a night of cheap stuff and cheaper trix, readings and lookings to your hearts delight.

MIXED MEDIA is an investigation into potentialities and the creation of meaning, taking the form of a dance through several media, from physical to oral to physical back into dancing. The research, practice, performance is understood as the iceberg of potential meanings in relation to an object, and a working process mostly resembling hanging out while getting to know each other, a teenage sleepover or a swim thru streams of ideas.

Bring cash (Beer: 10,- / BBQ: 30,-)

MIXED MEDIA @ TOVES is a satellite event for Palm’s and Rozenberg’s exhibition at Inter Arts Center opening in Malmö Thursday 8 May


TOVES current exhibition PSYCHEDELIC CHIPS will be open for the duration of the event.