Owen Armour & Tove Storch

4.11.2011 - 12.11.2011

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Fernisering: 3.11.2011 kl. 17-20

“I saw him appear from the woods, he looked to be the Methuselah”.
A word. The frayed mantra of the aged, the mystical vibration encased in syllables for our mouths to rap around the fluid reference. The throat contracts to push the air to the precipice ‘ME’, air presses through gaps in our teeth and bounces off the extended tongue ‘THU’, the bearing of teeth brings out ‘SE’, finally the musician in us all brings ‘LAH’ into creation.

The inescapable sounds of the everyday resonate. The mouth, its tongue, teeth and tonsils are obstructions, filters, a system of individuality, an aural personality. These discrete vibrations are audibly manifested and reflected by the passive acoustic objects of the everyday. These objects do not produce the sound, they’re passive, they add their own frequency content from their lifeless state. We hear them; we see them with our ears.

Thanks to Copenhagen AIR, the ceramic workshop of Kristine Tillge Lund and Mikael Jackson and Statens Kunstråd.