Lisa Meixner, Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen & Young Lee

23.6.2011 - 26.6.2011

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Fernisering: 23.6.2011 kl. 17-22

Lummerland is an exhibition inspired by our shared interest in irrational thinking and sensual perception and growing out of an experimental research process on the theme of the Island, which Michael Ende termed ’Lummerland’ in his 1960’s novel Jim Button And Luke The Engine Driver Combining installation, moving image and sculpture, Lummerland addresses the Island as a site for the projection of myths, utopias and dreams, and as a metaphor for art itself, described by Claude Lèvis- Strauss as ”a national park for savage thought”. Historically the Island represents an unknown land. It is the destination for adventurers and the saving shore for refugees and castaways.

It is the place where Gauguin escapes to find an exotic paradise and where Prospero’s magic art is possible. But it is also surrounded by stormy seas and forms the isolated realm for exiling Napoleon or building Alcatraz. ’The island is like too minute a star’ or like Lummerland nearly two times as big as our flat. It may be tiny or huge, located far away from civilization with surrounding seas defining its borders precicely. It is a perfect target for mind travels and projections, yet what is projected onto the island and accordingly onto art is immense. Lummerland will playful question the theme of the island, as a site for isolation, inner space, utopia and art, asking how we as artists face ”the national park of savage thought”, and whether we finally beach on Lummerland, St. Helena or Alcatraz.